Niwa Rescue Salve


Niwa Rescue Salve is made with coldpressed oils and butters. The Virgin Olive Oil has been infused with chamomile for 6weeks.

A must have in every first aid kit, the healing properties of almond oil, chamomile and lavender soothes the skin. Tea tree and Rosemary oils help with antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Lavander, Tea Tree and Coconut oil will help with any sting, heal any dryness and peeling skin. Helpful and soothing for cuts and abrasions, bruising and eczema, also a great addition for after sun care.

NOTE: this is not a medicinal product please see your doctor if you have personal concerns that need treating.

Size: 30ml

INGREDIENTS beeswax・chamomile infused virgin olive oil・virgin coconut oil・lavender oil・tea tree oil・rosemary oil・vitamin e.

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