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Mai Hydrating Balm


MAI HYDRATING BODY BALM A rich and neutral smelling emollient balm that delivers intense hydration to relieve parched and irritated skin. It’s main ingredients; Avocado, Carrot oil, Sandalwood are touted to have many benefits for irritated, problem, sensitive, mature, or sun-damaged skin. Combined with Coconut and Cocoa Butter this is an excellent hydrating moisturiser for all skin types.

INGREDIENTS beeswax・cocoa butter・coconut oil ・ olive oil・avocado oil・carrot seed oil・chamomile oil・sandalwood oil ・vitamin e.

*sale/discounted items - sometimes things happen, dropped, dented or labels get scratched. Products are the same inside. Why waste, get a perfect product in an imperfect packet.

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